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People of Brooklyn Heights: Brand Ambassador Phyllis Beck

April 12 2023
Aerial view of Brooklyn Heights with the harbor in the background at sunset.
Life sometimes comes full circle. At least that’s what happened to Phyllis Beck, a Brooklyn native who never expected to end up back where she started. Fortunately, it’s exactly where she wants to be. After a rich, full life spent circling the globe, Beck wended her way back to Brooklyn, where she is making a new life for herself at the Watermark at Brooklyn Heights.

Beck, a mother of two, had a fulfilling career as a nurse in Morris County, NJ, where she was on the board of directors for the Visiting Nurses Association. “I enjoyed helping people throughout my life,” she says. While raising her family, the busy mom loved to play tennis, cook, and host lavish dinner parties.

For her second act, she went into real estate. Meanwhile, Beck has always had a passion for travel. She was especially drawn to London, Paris, and the great capitals of Europe and the warm-weather countries of Spain and Portugal, located on the Mediterranean. Her favorite mode of transport? A cruise ship. When her daughter moved to Brooklyn, Beck knew she wanted to be nearby. And when she discovered the Watermark at Brooklyn Heights—a historic landmark, like the entire neighborhood surrounding it—it felt like home. “If I was going to consider any place, this is it,” says Beck. “It is more sophisticated than any other.” She also discovered all that Brooklyn Heights has to offer. Rich in arts, culture, great food, and architectural gems—along with breathtaking views of New York Harbor—it’s a charming tree-lined neighborhood with spacious parks, classic Brownstones, and inviting boutique stores.

These days, Beck loves to stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, also called the Esplanade, with her daughter, where she appreciates the beauty of the brick facades on the historical buildings, along with the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. There is always something to see, somewhere to go, something to do. And that’s exactly what she loves about her new home.