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Living Beyond Well

So much more than physical health—we bring the whole shebang.

Maybe it’s a deep dive into serenity at the pool, or a roaring laugh from dance class. Perhaps it’s a healthy living workshop with a local partner or a city stroll to your favorite store. Our world of wellness orbits around you.

Care + Confidence

Introducing a Premier Wellness Suite

When recovering from a hospital or rehabilitation stay, you need time and space to revitalize and return to wellness. Let us help you get back on your feet with our CARE + CONFIDENCE program, which is designed to provide a nurturing environment for recovery and renewal.  

In our exclusive wellness suite, luxury and well-being come together with the Bryte Balance Smart Bed featuring cutting-edge technology to optimize restorative sleep, along with an aromatherapy diffuser to enhance relaxation. Rest easy with expert, personalized care, physical and occupational therapy, and access to a wealth of amenities, such as gourmet dining options, enriching activities, wellness programs, and even an on-site spa—so you can feel like yourself again faster. 

Please call 347-343-4900 for more information on CARE + CONFIDENCE and our unique wellness suite, or to schedule a tour of our refined community. 

A resident is reading a book outside.

Programs designed to help you engage, center, and connect.

Whether it be mindfulness, reading, painting, or meditation, we have a program and experts to help guide you on your way.

Strengthen your body through powerful and purposeful movement.

From Pilates, to swimming, Yoga, walking, or physical therapy. Your best self lives within the power of mobility.

Food dedicated to health, taste, and longevity.

Enjoy bold flavors that are curated to your specific dietary needs and preferences. You’ll taste the difference.

A relaxing spa day is just a call away.

Indulge and treat yourself with the services you so rightfully deserve. After all, self-care is in.

A resident is walking on a treadmill.

Not just living, thriving.

For more than three decades, Watermark Retirement Communities has been challenging the status quo in senior living.

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Questions? Interested in a tour? Want to attend one of our events? 

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