In the Presence of Horses

Explore the wonders of equine approaches

Experience unbridled social and cognitive benefits of equine programs.

One of the foundations of The Hacienda at the River is the presence of horses. On-site equine programs help promote members’ physical and emotional well-being through touching, grooming, interacting with, and even, for some, riding horses.  

Developed and directed by Barbara K. Rector of Adventures in Awareness™, a pioneer in wellness work with horses, The Hacienda’s distinct equine programming, In the Presence of Horses, uses an invitational approach, where human and horse invite one another into each other’s presence. Through this intercommunication, residents learn about relationship development and communication skills, with an emphasis on trust and choice. 

Sessions vary in length and in type of interaction with the horse: Some residents are in the presence of the horse with no physical touching, while others focus on the horse and human getting to know each other, followed up with touching and grooming. Working with horses contributes to building core strength, balance, and mobility. 

A resident and a horse at the stables at The Hacienda at the River.
meaningful connections

In the Presence of HorsesĀ®

Special sessions with horses encourage meaningful connections to self, to others, and to the larger community. Recent studies illustrate that equine approaches have proven to be especially beneficial for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or depression. This program is available to members at The Hacienda at the River and The Hacienda at the Canyon.