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Discover a New Kind of Assisted Living at The Hacienda at the River

June 11 2024
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It can be a difficult and emotional decision to begin exploring assisted living options for an aging loved one, especially as the need for daily support increases. In a traditional assisted living model, residents are placed in a campus setting and live in a large apartment-style building. Most activities, including dining, are provided separately, and residents receive only basic health monitoring and assistance for daily tasks, including dressing, grooming, and transporting.  

By contrast, at The Hacienda at the River, we’re challenging traditional expectations of what’s possible for assisted living by allowing members the opportunity to enroll in their own well-being. In our intimate, residential-style setting, members are met with unconditional acceptance and compassion through 24/7 support that honors their personal independence.  

Assisted Living members engage daily with our Naya caregivers, who lead with empathy to create an atmosphere of comfort. Focusing only on what a member can do, Nayas are specially trained to communicate with support and understanding, allowing for personalized care and moments of connection. 

Along with innovative wellness offerings, including award-winning Watermark University classes, therapeutic gardens for healing, and even equine programming, our members thrive in a celebrated desert community that truly feels like home. We invite you to compare our lifestyle options and discover how we’re transforming Assisted Living with our whole-person approach to well-being. 
Traditional Assisted Living
  • Campus setting with up to 100 residents
  • Apartment-style residences in a multistory building
  • Basic health monitoring and task-focused assistance    
  • Individual restaurant-style dining
  • High resident-to-associate ratio
The Hacienda at the River
  • Intimate environment with limited number of members
  • Private residences in a warm, homestyle setting with transformative offerings, including therapeutic gardens and equine programming
  • Whole-person focused support with personalized, 24/7 expert care
  • Open, residential-style kitchen format, allowing for relaxed connection and socialization
  • Low member-to-associate ratio, creating moments of enrichment with trained Naya caregivers

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