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Harvest at the Hacienda

January 29 2021
A plate of flat bread topped with fresh tomato and basil.
Greetings from the garden! Despite a cold snap or two, this winter has been mild and provided great growing conditions for many of the fruits and vegetables in the Hacienda at the River's garden. This freshly picked, organic produce is harvested at optimal ripeness and delivered to dining services for inclusion in our residents' and guests' meals and "special" items at our Acacia Cafe. Our residents and guests are able to assist Hacienda staff with the selection of seasonal varieties and are involved in the care and maintenance of healthy plants - with the ultimate reward of eating delicious and nutritious meals. The attached photo depicts a sampling of one such harvest in mid-January including: red and green kale, mustard and Asian greens, red cabbage, red romaine lettuce, tomatoes, eggplant, kumquat, mandarin oranges and a lush variety of fresh, bright green herbs. The garden is always open - come by and check us out!