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Fremont Hills Watermark University

April 06 2023
A seated tai chi class.
Watermark University provides meaningful opportunities to learn, teach, and grow, resulting in a life of overall well-being.  We are committed to encouraging our residents and associates to lead balanced lives, full of meaning and purpose, grounded in self-awareness and infused with curiosity.

Programs focus on enhancing the mind, body and spirit are not unusual in senior housing communities. What makes “Watermark University” (WU) special is how the programs are designed and implemented. WU strives to involve everyone in the community, including residents, staff, family members and community volunteers, both as Faculty and Students. Students can enroll in classes including Lap Harp Lessons, Music Theory, Traditional Exercise & Fitness, Gardening, Yoga, Tai Chi and Guided Meditation, to name a few.

By reaching beyond the typical activity and fitness staff at a community, we gain a connection with the resident, family, staff members and even on occasion our vendors. The results are as impressive as the variety of offerings. Our summer sessions (May through August) are now in progress. For a copy of our Watermark University Catalog please call 510-796-4200 and ask for Marketing.