Meet Executive Chef Adam Rowley

June 21 2022
Discovering his life’s passion while cooking elaborate meals in his best friend’s kitchen, Adam Rowley was only 28 when he decided to leave his seven-year career in construction and attend culinary school. He landed his first job at an upscale steakhouse in Folsom, California, before finding his way to the famed Bottega Napa Valley in Yountville, where he spent four years creating delicious fare. Rowley then joined The Watermark at Napa Valley as Executive Chef. Pairing his wealth of knowledge and passion with nostalgic comfort cuisine, he seeks inspiration in day-to-day life and is helping to reinvent the culinary experience in our senior living community. “I love making guests smile by creating new memories that will last them a lifetime,” says Rowley. “I love expanding people’s idea of what food can be, pushing boundaries, and creating something new.”