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Discover things you might not already know about senior living communities.

It’s natural to feel apprehensive about whether it’s the right time for your parent or loved one to transition to a senior living community. Understanding what sets our communities apart can help ease some of your concerns. Each Watermark community is designed to meet the needs of seniors and exceed their families’ expectations by offering a blend of independence, support, and enrichment. These are some of the ways Watermark senior living communities go above and beyond to ensure the best care for your loved one. 

1. Pets Are Welcome Companions

Your loved one doesn’t have to say goodbye to their furry friend. At Watermark, we understand the vital role pets play in our lives. That is why many of our communities are pet-friendly, allowing your loved one to bring their cherished companions with them.

2. Customizable Living Spaces

Residents can make their apartments feel like home. Transitioning to senior living doesn’t mean your loved one has to give up their personal touch or leave behind cherished mementos. 

3. Open Lines of Communication

Stay informed and involved with our open communication policy. We encourage ongoing dialogue between associates, residents, and their families. Whether it’s questions about care or day-to-day updates, we’re committed to transparency and accessibility.

4. Comprehensive Medical Support Nearby

Access to professional health care gives families peace of mind. Our communities are conveniently located near top medical facilities and hospitals. 

5. Health and Wellness Programs

Our communities offer a variety of physical, mental, and social programs designed to maintain residents’ well-being. From fitness classes to nutritional advice and regular health screenings, we support every aspect of our residents’ health.

6. Independence and Assistance

We believe in balancing independence with the need for personal care. Watermark communities are thoughtfully designed to provide residents with the freedom they cherish, supported by personalized care and assistance when needed. 

7. Unique Community Personalities

Each community has its own unique charm and character. Just like people, no two Watermark communities are the same. We encourage families to visit and find the community that feels most like home to their loved one, whether they prefer a larger community with numerous amenities or a quieter, cozy setting.

8. Diverse and Rich Programming

All communities offer engaging programs to enrich residents’ lives. At Watermark, we believe in nurturing our residents’ passions and hobbies. With diverse programs and pursuits, there’s always something new to learn, enjoy, and explore. 

9. Culinary Delights for Every Taste

Our communities offer a culinary experience that rivals fine dining restaurants. With meals prepared by skilled chefs, residents can enjoy a variety of nutritious and delicious dishes that cater to specific dietary needs and preferences. This commitment to culinary excellence ensures that dining is both a pleasure and a part of maintaining good health.

10. Safety and Security Prioritized

Safety is paramount at all Watermark communities, all of which are equipped with advanced security features, including 24/7 monitoring, emergency response systems, and secure access to ensure that residents feel safe and protected at all times. Families can rest assured knowing their loved one lives in a secure environment.

11. Dedicated Associates Available Around the Clock

Watermark communities employ highly trained and dedicated associates who are available around the clock to meet residents’ needs, whether providing assistance with daily routines or responding to emergencies. Round-the-clock availability ensures that support is always just a call away, day or night.

12. Transition Support Services

Recognizing the challenges that can come with moving to a new living environment, Watermark communities provide robust transition support services. These include orientation sessions, personal move-in assistance, and dedicated associates to help new residents feel at home from day one, ensuring a smooth and comforting transition.

13. Flexible Visitation Policies

Families can visit anytime — no restrictions, just like home. One of the most comforting aspects of every Watermark community is our open-door policy for families. Loved ones can visit whenever they want, just as they would if their family member lived at home. This flexibility helps maintain strong family bonds and ensures constant peace of mind.

14. Specialized Care 

We offer adaptable care levels to meet changing needs. Watermark recognizes that a resident’s needs may evolve, and we are equipped to support these changes, whether transitioning from Independent Living to Assisted Living or needing specialized attention in our Memory Care neighborhood. Many of our communities offer multiple levels of care, allowing residents to transition within a community they’ve grown to love.

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Choosing a senior living community is a significant decision, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting one. Visit a Watermark community to discover our caring environment. Let us help you find the perfect new home for your parent or loved one. 

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