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Platinum SAGE Diversity Credential


There’s inclusive. And then there’s Watermark.

At any time in life, experiencing a deep sense of belonging is crucial to your happiness and health. At Watermark communities nationwide, we celebrate diversity in all forms and foster an environment of acceptance, inclusiveness, respect, and understanding. Here, residents enjoy the freedom to be who they are and live their truth. 

We have proudly partnered with SAGECare, a division of SAGE, to provide associates with specialized training on LGBTQ+ aging issues, which is designed to help improve aging services and better serve LGBTQ+ older adults, their loved ones, associates, and guests.  

Watermark is committed to maintaining the Platinum SAGE Diversity Credential, meaning that at least 80% of associates and community leadership have completed SAGECare training. The Platinum SAGE credential is the highest level of LGBTQ+ cultural competency training offered by SAGE. Empowered with greater knowledge and empathy, Watermark associates are even more poised to deliver impeccable service and compassionate care so everyone can thrive. 

Watermark has led the way in developing transformative programs that support all aspects of well-being. With more than 7 million LGBTQ+ people projected to be 65 or older within the next decade, Watermark is even more prepared to provide the utmost quality care and welcome LGBTQ+ older adults with open arms. 

About SAGE

Founded in 1978, SAGE is the country’s largest and oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ+ older adults and their caregivers. SAGE focuses on issues surrounding LGBTQ+ aging while providing the necessary resources and supportive services to create a better quality of life. This dynamic support network has created a movement of caring activists dedicated to providing advocacy and specialized services throughout a wide variety of senior living communities.

As of this year, SAGECare has trained more than 122,000 professionals in LGBTQ+ care across the United States. Attaining these credentials essentially helps LGBTQ+ older adults find caring, trained providers like the associates at the more than 70 Watermark communities across the country.


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