Celebrating Our Community

Because we're better together.

The Watermark at Westwood Village offers many opportunities to engage and thrive within this sun-kissed, luxurious community. We are partnering with organizations that provide more ways to embrace wellness, creativity, and soulful living. We are proud to promote an inclusive, warm, inviting environment that welcomes diverse people from all cultures. 

We nurture deep and lasting bonds with each of our partnerships that help engage and connect every member through entertainment, knowledge, and discovery. 

two residents sitting next to each other and holding a small dog

Wise and Healthy Aging

WISE & Healthy Aging is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to advancing the dignity and quality of life of seniors through advocacy, leadership, and high-quality, innovative services. Headquartered in Santa Monica, they have over 30 years of experience serving the community.

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close up of red theater seats

Geffen Playhouse

The Geffen Playhouse has been a staple of the Los Angeles theater scene since it opened in 1995. The not-for-profit organization is dedicated to enriching the lives of Los Angelinos through educational programs and plays that will entertain, inform, and inspire.

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Come as You Are

Let’s celebrate diversity.

Watermark has partnered with SAGECare in order to create a more inclusive and educated community environment. With millions of LGBTQ+ people projected to be 65 or older in the next decade, we’re prepared to provide the utmost quality care and welcome LGBTQ+ seniors with open arms.

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