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Where meals are culinary celebrations of good taste, health, and company.

Enjoy memorable moments with friends and family in our exquisite dining venues, where warm hospitality, impeccable attention to detail, and lively conversations fill every table. Our skilled chefs delight your senses with an array of delectable creations, ranging from sophisticated cuisine to cherished comfort food favorites, using only the freshest ingredients.

At Unity Prosper Province, our dining experiences present a harmonious fusion of diverse elements and energies, culminating in extraordinary culinary journeys. In our signature dining venue, Moon 368, chefs artfully incorporate the rich traditions, flavors, and ingredients of the Far East. Using locally sourced, farm-fresh produce, they craft exquisite meals for casual dining, family gatherings, or special milestone celebrations.

Just off the lobby, you’ll find a connected bar and library serving gourmet beverages and cocktails, while an intimate private space provides banquet dining options. The seventh-floor outdoor barbeque area boasts breathtaking views of the surrounding Southern California cityscape.

Savor the culinary adventures at Unity Prosper Province — where each meal is an exquisite symphony of flavors, fostering connections and creating unforgettable moments.

Legend Gluten Free Vegan Heart Healthy

A modern edgy dining room with colorful lighting.

Moon 368

Gluten Free Heart Healthy

Experience the essence of delectable dining at Moon 368, our rooftop restaurant catering to members and the public. Relish in the vibrant flavors of Pan-Asian Fusion cuisine within an elegant setting featuring indoor and outdoor dining spaces, a family-style area, and a chic bar. Moon 368 is poised to be the neighborhood’s unparalleled dining destination, where healthful and delicious fare takes center stage.

A display of pastries.


Gluten Free Heart Healthy

The Café serves as a lively social epicenter, providing an array of light, grab-and-go delicacies and delectable house-made pastries. Sip on expertly crafted specialty coffees tailored to your preference or explore a world of soothing and delightful teas from across the globe.


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Looking to join our team? Explore all career opportunities.
Fill in the form, or call us at 626-782-5992 (提供中文服務) to learn more.

Looking to join our team? Explore all career opportunities.