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Continue your lifelong personal journey to a better you.

Our comprehensive wellness philosophy, 360Well, perfectly embodies the vision of an active, luxurious lifestyle. Our holistic approach is deeply rooted in the four key circles of wellness: mind, body, spirit, and community. While each circle individually plays an integral role, they intricately interconnect to form a harmonious balance. Fortifying one dimension empowers you to bolster the others, creating a cycle of continuous enrichment.

Your journey with 360Well is as unique as you are. Based on your interests and the aspects of wellness you wish to cultivate, you have the opportunity to engage in a selection of curated activities. You can embark on this journey independently or with your 360Well Coordinator as your guide. To facilitate your progress, you’ll have unlimited access to programs aligned with the 360Well circles, personal training to enhance your physical well-being, and activities designed to build connections within our vibrant community.

360Well is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Unity Prosper Province, harmonizing all aspects of well-being for a more fulfilled, healthier, and joyful life. We invite you to experience the art of living well in an environment that epitomizes elegance, luxury, and a dynamic community spirit.